1st Place - FBC Kennedale
We are building our church around the theme “His Kingdom First,” because God wants to be the first ruler of our lives.
Our central verse is Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” For our desire is to know him more and more every day.
Jesus even told us to pray “HIS kingdom to come. HIS will be done.”
Our logo, FIRST PLACE, encapsulates all we do by emphasizing that Christ is First Place in our Lives, that we are seeking His Kingdom first, and FBC-Kennedale is the FIRST PLACE for broken people to begin again. We want to be the first place people can come for hope, love, forgiveness, spiritual direction, and authentic community.
We emphasize authentic community because we understand that life is messy, we all have our own individual strongholds and struggles; however, God’s grace has given all of us an opportunity to begin again.
The pastors greatest desire is to teach godly and practical answers to life’s biggest challenges, and to do so in a clear, loving and relevant way.
We believe in sacrificial living and serving. Because Christ sacrificed so much for us, we are a church that is willing to sacrifice for others. We believe the church does not exist simply for us, but for reaching the world with the gospel.
We believe that we are to demonstrate God’s love by our good deeds; therefore, we seek opportunities to do “good works” in our community.